Networking and Corporate Connections

The metropolis, particularly central London, has a large number of PM opportunities for networking and corporate connections – as may be expected of a large capital city with multiple projects and a large project management community. 

Most of the Events, Talks and Lectures mentioned above can also be venues for networking, meeting, greeting, entertaining and being entertained. While there may be some networking type activity during the formal part of the event, talk or lecture,it is also likely to be taking place before and after. So that means probably getting there early and possibly staying on longer either way – especially if there are refreshments or beverages

APM London Branch events can be very good for meeting like-minded people, including London Branch and other APM representatives, eminent speakers and presenters – and for practising or applying networking skills (APM London Branch).

Employees and employers need to be careful with providing, accepting and engaging with networking that may be perceived as entertainment moving towards perceptions of bribery – and the consequences of the Bribery Act 2010, sometimes described as “the toughest anti-corruption legislation in the world”. If in doubt, ask someone sensible for advice.

Corporate connections including networking can include:

  • as part of a student group and academic body,
  • as alumni of academic bodies,
  • internal company, departmental, project events, milestones and celebrations,
  • social events by invitation through contacts and connections – which can be shared,
  • publicised, ticketed corporate or trade events hosted or organised by PM or other companies – again, which can be shared.