Connections, Contributions and how to Contact Us

We know within this material there may be many mistakes, inaccuracies, gaps, omissions, misinterpretations, duplications and contradictions.  Some are accidental. 

So, we are interested in receiving feedback or new material to maintain and develop this facility for the good of the project management community and in also for the wider benefit of the public and society.

Consequently we would be open to the following:

  • Corrections to any aspects which are thought to be incorrect or out of date.
  • Criticisms of any aspects which are thought to be inappropriate.
  • Contributions for any aspects which are too thin or non-existent – as noted or otherwise.
  • Comments on the site overall, its current contents and possible directions in the future.
  • Reviews of trips, sites, locations or facilities that may be of interest to others.
  • Links to other material such as websites or particular references – with details.
  • Suggestions of suitable photographs, pictures, graphics and illustrations to suit the themes.

Approximately every six months the current material will be reviewed, updated and corrected from contributions as appropriate; or when notified for significant issues.

Thank you.

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