Editor Credit

The founder and principle editor of this collection is Tom Taylor of Dashdot; assisted and advised by Rob Dee.  Tom has worked in London and for London-based organisations continuously throughout his professional career – so far.  He has lived in Central London in 1970s and for last twenty years – so far.  He is a previous active Committee Member and Chairman of London Branch of Association for Project Management (APM) – before becoming overall Chairman, President and a current vice President.  Tom is a principal of dashdot; and a founding director and retained advisor of Buro Four – both London based.  Tom believes London is a great place to live and work on projects as a project manager. So he decided that everyone else should know likewise – hence this collection and active encouragement; and participation with visitors.  Further information on Tom can be found at www.tomtaylor.info.  Further information on Dashdot is available at www.dashdot.co.uk.  Very many thanks are due to friends and colleagues who have provided suggestions and directions on this enterprise – so far; including Stephanie Taylor and Rob Dee for their personal information collections and presentation inputs.