There are probably more opportunities for project management employment in London than anywhere else in the world and a greater variety.

There are over 250,000 businesses in London, employing over 3.5m people, with increasing numbers of women each year, including many small businesses as well as the relatively few mega businesses and with a high proportion of self-employed – all including for those with project management skills and aspirations. There is also a fairly large academic, teaching and support services community for project managers including in recruitment, software, events, media and the like.

There are opportunities in:

  • Projects, programmes and portfolios,
  • Plus for packages, parcels and sub-projects for the above,
  • The public sector of Central and Local Government,
  • Utilities and Emergency Services,
  • The private sector of commerce, entertainment and business – with just local, regional, national, international and global organisations, outlooks and workloads.
  • The third sector of charities and voluntary organisations.
  • For specific or special sectors, cross sector or generally.
  • PMOs and specialist competencies – such as risk, health and safety, time aspects, cost aspects, early stages and feasibility, project controls, etc.
  • Academia and teaching, related to project management.
  • Research and Development (R&D), in projects and in project management.
  • Supporting aspects to the PM community: media and journalism, employment agencies and recruitment, software developers and suppliers, conference and event organisers.
  • There can be large teams of dozens of project managers and team members involved in a single, mega entity; through to small teams and departments with a portfolio of activity and projects; to individual managers handling several commissions all at the same time.
  • There are opportunities with clients, sponsors, developers and end users; with and as consultants; with contractors and specialist organisations across the tiers of involvement.
  • There are opportunities to be employees, under contract, through agencies and as freelance.
  • There are opportunities for people just starting out, making career moves – including from armed services, returning after breaks including maternity and paternity leave, gap years and periods in detention.
  • Positions and involvements can suit needs and availabilities so can be full-time, part time, one-time or some time.
  • Employment agencies can specialise in PM such as say Arras People and Wellingtone PPM Recruitment; or can be general such as say Hays and Reed; or for sectors.
  • Legal Rights if using employment agencies are provided in outline at www.gov.uk/browse/working/