PM in London: by Sector

Sector Preferences

When you ask practitioner project managers what do they often tell you which sector they work in; and then when pressed tell you that they are a project manager or in project management. People have great loyalties to their sectors, and to their employers and colleagues, so that they may spend their whole working careers in single sectors or situations or closely linked. Consequently this section addresses the sectors which have interests and achievements in projects and in project management – in London, with some recommendations and suggestions.

There are just so many sectors represented within London as indicated by the attached menu in alphabetical order.

The Exceptions and Exclusions

However despite this breadth not all sectors are fully represented in London.  Consequently for those with such other interests there may be opportunities to visit other parts of the United Kingdom where such sectors may be better represented and available.  Such other sectors might include say: aerospace;  agriculture, farming and forestry;  chemicals and processing;  coastal features;  defence;  energy including renewables, nuclear, oil and gas;  fishing; local government;  manufacturing and assembly;  media;  mining and extraction;  shipbuilding and repair;  utilities; and other.  However for potential visitors interested in these “excluded” sectors there are opportunities to see contrasting sectors in London for inspiration and benchmarking.