Charities and Voluntary

Doing Good, Doing Well

This third sector of charities and voluntary enterprises, registered with the Charities Commission in UK, is well represented in London. There are local, national and international organisation from quite small and niche to large, global, household names.

Charities need people with project management skills as employees, from sponsors, and as volunteers on a pro bono basis. Such skills are needed for organisational aspects, initiatives as promotions and events for fund raising and for their charitable activities – especially if they deal with disasters and humanitarian crisis for example.


Most of the professional associations and institutions in UK to which project managers may be members will be registered as not-for-profit charities; and if chartered will include obligations to be active in their field for the public good. Similarly for religious bodies and involvements; and many sports clubs in the community.

Charities include: NSPCC, RSPCA, Oxfam, Save the Children, British Heart Foundation, Centre Point, Crisis and some with charity shops.


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