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A Trading Centre or The Trading Centre

London is founded on being a trading centre from its location and earliest days. Ultimately, this was reflected in the extensive docks – which have now been completely removed from the centre of London! This trading is reflected in the historical livery companies who served the people who were trading and processed the goods which were being traded – adding value. This historical trading remains now principally in financial trading. London remains one of the top recognised global financial trading centres along with New York and Tokyo – although there are many other important national cities.

In many cities the business and financial districts are in relatively new locations. London is unusual with modern 21st century buildings on ancient street patterns.

London has a flourishing stock exchange and specialist exchanges.

London is the insurance hub founded on Lloyds of London.

London is a base for over 300 foreign banks

Share dealing, foreign exchange, money markets, futures, options = a prestigious, world leading financial centre.

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