Emergency and Life Safety Services

London continues to be well served by its emergency and life safety services and police in various forms with security services, fire and rescue services and ambulance services in a variety of organisations backed up by the accident and emergency departments of the National Health Service (NHS).

Furthermore there are the coast guard, RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute), Red Cross and St. John’s Ambulance Brigade.

Projects, and project management and project managers are rife in all these organisations – with constant improvements of equipment, systems, technology, upsizing and downsizing, impacts of austerity, new regulations, impacts of terrorism and disasters, constant resource replenishment.


  • London Fire and Rescue Services.
  • Police – Metropolitan – founded in 1829; transport, City, river and secret. However the level of crime related to the River Thames, shipping and cargoes meant that the river police were established from 1798 some thirty one years before the land based Metropolitan Police.
  • Ambulance Service London – via National Health Service (NHS).
  • Secret Services – MI5 and MI6.
  • New Scotland Yard.
  • Hendon Police College.
  • Port of London Authority.
  • Trinity House, EC3N 4DH
  • Coast Guard.
  • Red Cross.
  • St John’s Ambulance Brigade.
  • RNLI – Thames lifeboat Station.

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