Health and Wellbeing

The public sector National Health Service (NHS) is a strong advocate of Project Management. Many staff have been sent on PRINCE2 courses with inductions for implementation.

Projects cover medical advances and processes, physical facilities and technology. The private sector has its diverse projects as well.

The pharmaceutical sector applies project management to research and development, testing, production and distibution.

The wellbeing activists are in the private and public health sectors as well as in other sectors such as for fitness in leisure and sports sectors.

For a long time London itself has not always been the healthiest place to live and work for inhabitants and visitors – with extensive dangers to health and wellbeing – until at least the 1950s when smokeless fuels became mandatory.

Those with an interest in health and wellbeing may find it difficult to gain access to operational hospitals, health centres and clinics for operational and security considerations; unless by special arrangements through appropriate parties. However, there are many other establishments to visit and eminent institutions to contact.

London has an interesting history of burial grounds, cemeteries, plague pits and memorials at the other end of the healthcare and wellbeing journey. For example the big seven privately sponsored from Victorian times are:

  • Kensal Green Cemetery (from 1832),
  • West Norwood (1837),
  • Highgate Cemetery (1839),
  • Abney Wood, Brompton and Nunhead (all from 1840),
  • Tower Hamlets (1841).
  • Burnhill Fields EC1 is much older;
  • and there are many council run crematoria and cemeteries from the twentieth century.

There are also many hospices, asylums, cottage hospitals, health centres and doctors’ surgeries.

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