PM in London: Law and Order

Law and order is well represented in London from Magna Carta to Brexit, covering the legal professions, jurisprudence, the bar (barristers are ‘called’ to the bar), the Ministry of Justice, policing and security services – also expressed as legal and lawyers, crime and punishment or High Courts and Low Criminology.

The legal professions are concentrated in and around the Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Grey’s Inn around Chancery lane.

The law courts seem well established in mid-town however they only relocated from Westminster in 1882.

London has had prisons for a long time from the Tower of London to the Clink, Marshallsea, Fleet, Newgate, Bridewell, Millbank and others – some made famous by fiction, particular inmates, riots or notoriety.

More recent prisons include Brixton, Holloway, Wandsworth, Pentonville, Wormwood Scrubs, but even these are being closed down to transfer prisoners to more modern accommodation outside London – with redevelopment of existing sites – as happened in the past.

London also has facilities for young offenders, Magistrates Courts – such as at Bow Street (with original Bow Street Runners), and Horseferry Road, plus County Courts; and ACAS – the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration service.

The Metropolitan Police are represented on the streets, at New Scotland Yard, SW1H, at Hendon Police College, NW9, and a diminishing number of Police Stations. There are also the separate City of London Police, the River Police and the British Transport Police – as well as a number of secret services with London presence.

For Project Managers the law of Contract may be of interest as London is a base for the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) and the New Engineering Contract (NEC).

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  • Legal and jurisprudence. “The Bar”.
  • Ministry of Justice.
  • Legal, law, regulation. Policing and security.
  • Inner Temple / Middle Temple / Lincolns Inn / Grey’s Inn / (Chancery Lane.)
  • HM Prisons – Brixton, Holloway, Wandsworth, etc..
  • Young Offenders.
  • Magistrates Courts – Bow Street, Horseferry Road, etc..
  • County Courts.
  • Met Police – New Scotland Yard, SW1H, Hendon Police College, NW9.

The law courts seem very well established in midtown however they only relocated from Westminster in 1882.

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Riots and Rebellions – Roman / Boudicca, Gordon Riots, Wat Tyler, Brixton, Tottenham.

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