Purposes of this Collection.

The purposes of this collection include:
  • To record, promote and celebrate with pride the achievements and provisions of projects and project management, in London; within the project management community, as individuals, teams and organisations; and well beyond in society.
  • To stimulate and entice new entrants from the London area and further afield into the world of projects and project management as a career and lifestyle of first choice from school or college or university; or on reflection, later on in life, as a rewarding and achieving alternative direction.
  • To attract visitors from other parts of UK and internationally to share the diverse achievements and appreciate the cumulative contributions available and on display in London to civilisation, progress and success.
  • To encourage students and academics to consider London as a destination; or as a source of material or collaboration for studies and for research,
  • To demonstrate that UK, including London, has the knowledge, experience and expertise in the arts, sciences and practices when it comes to projects and project management – for application in London, in UK and round the world. And is certainly “open for business”.