Target Users of this Collection.

Possible users of this Collection might include people, groups, teams and organisations that are interested in projects and project management including those who may be:
  • Living as residents in London – and wish to know more about their city or be reminded; including the retired and the unemployed.
  • Working in London – a large number of people commute into London to work on a daily basis – through to those occasionally calling in or passing through for work purposes.
  • So that would also cover people who may be both living and working in London.
  • Studying in London – on a full-time, part-time or occasional basis with universities, colleges and training establishments and providers; or for specific research or experience purposes.
  • Visitors as first time or regular PM tourists and travellers – seeking a little or extensive project and PM exposure or engagement, including for events and conferences, as individuals and in groups, with London as a visitor destination in isolation or as part of a wider tour or set of visits; and as an international transport hub, a berth for cruise ships and on-route for globe-trotting back-packers.
  • Hosts – who wish to celebrate and promote the PM features of London to visitors, guests and possibly to themselves.