Purposes of this collection

Projects are all round us – globally and certainly in the UK. Projects make a significant contribution to the gross domestic product – including in the UK.  This digital initiative and collection of material endeavours to identify some of the popular, and some of the less-well-known, features of projects and project management – in London – from the past and up to the current day. Its aims:

  • To record, promote and celebrate with pride the achievements and provisions of projects and project management, in London; within the project management community, as individuals, teams and organisations; and well beyond in society.
  • To stimulate and entice new entrants from the London area and further afield into the world of projects and project management as a career and lifestyle of first choice from school or college or university; or on reflection, later on in life, as a rewarding and achieving alternative direction.
  • To attract visitors from other parts of the UK and internationally to share the diverse achievements and appreciate the cumulative contributions available and on display in London to civilisation, progress and success.
  • To encourage students and academics to consider London as a destination; or educational venue; or as a source of material or collaboration for studies and for research,
  • To demonstrate that the UK, including London, has the knowledge, experience and expertise in the arts, sciences and practices when it comes to projects and project management – for application in London, in the UK and round the world…
  • …and is certainly “open for business”.

Target Users for this Collection.

Possible users of this Collection might include people, groups, teams and organisations within society generally that are interested in projects and project management including those who may be:

  • Living as residents in London – and wish to know more about their city or be reminded; including the retired and the unemployed.
  • Working in London – a large number of people commute into London to work on a daily basis – through to those occasionally calling in or passing through for work purposes.
  • Therefore there may be people who may be both living and working in London.
  • Studying in London or seeking to study in London – on a full-time, part-time or occasional basis with universities, colleges and training establishments and providers; or for specific research or experience purposes.
  • Visitors as first time or regular PM tourists and travellers – seeking a little or extensive project and PM exposure or engagement, including for events and conferences; as individuals and in groups; with London as a visitor destination in isolation or as part of a wider tour or set of visits; and as an international transport hub, a berth for cruise ships and on-route for globe-trotting back-packers.
  • Hosts – who wish to celebrate and promote the PM features of London to visitors, guests and possibly to themselves.

Editor Credit

The founder and principal editor of this London collection is Tom Taylor of dashdot, assisted and advised by Rob Dee.  Tom has worked on projects and in project management in London and for London-based organisations continuously throughout his professional career – so far.

 He has lived in Central London in the 1970s and for last the twenty years – so far.  

He is a previously active Committee Member and Chairman of London Branch of Association for Project Management (APM) – before becoming overall Chairman of APM, its President and currently a vice President.  

Tom is a principal of dashdot, and a founding director and retained advisor of Buro Four – both London based project management consultancies. He believes London is a great place to live and work on projects as a project manager. So he decided that everyone else should know likewise – hence this collection and active encouragement, and participation with visitors.

Further information on Tom can be found at www.tomtaylor.info.  

Further information on dashdot is available at www.dashdot.co.uk.

Information on APM and APM London Branch can be found at www.apm.org.uk.

Very many thanks are due to friends and colleagues who have provided suggestions and directions on this enterprise – so far, including Stephanie Taylor and Rob Dee for their personal information collections and presentation inputs.

Current Projects Underway in London

Some of the current projects in London are listed below. Each has a link to the project website where you can find out about the projects in depth, the latest news and developments and also obtain details on how to see the project in progress or even to browse through potential work opportunities in the recruitment sections.

Further contributions are requested for other projects which we may feature here – Contact us!

Crossrail 1
Canary Wharf
Crossrail 2
Battersea Power Station
Park Royal
Old Oak