CPD Options

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is a requirement of all serious professions – including for project management. Media for CPD include digital means of webinars, podcasts and e-learning.

At the physical and analogue end London is a great place to achieve meaningful CPD credits and fulfil CPD obligations with a full range of DPD options:

  • For reading material there are general and specialist bookshops and libraries.
  • For seeing there are sites, sights, museums and galleries.
  • For engagement there are conferences, exhibitions and networking events.
  • For learning there are conferences, courses, lectures and talks.
  • And teaching or presenting can be a good way to learn – in private situations, in public events and in education.

Topics can cover all the competencies including hard or soft skills, Special Interest Group (SIG) themes through to Classic PM v. Agile PM – or neither!


For those who wish to compare academic, vocational and professional qualifications and skills or to find out whether a foreign vocational qualification is recognised in the UK and what its British equivalent might be there is UK NARIC www.naric.org.uk also UK NEC. CPQ, ECVET and VET.